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Transforming communities to make healthy living easier for North Carolinians

Transforming Health Together

Transforming Health Together

By working community by community, and region by region, on common goals, we aim to make healthy living a way of life for all North Carolinians.

We are Transforming Health Together
, the eight-county regional partnership in Central North Carolina: Franklin, Granville, Halifax, Johnson (lead county), Nash, Vance, Warren, and Wilson. Transforming Health Together, is working to prevent chronic disease, promote healthier lifestyles, reduce health disparities, and reduce health care spending.

Transforming Health Together is working community by community to accomplish goals in three strategic areas – Healthy Eating, Active Living, Tobacco Free Living, and Clinical and Preventive Services. Regional staff and local leads are Transforming Health Together in Region 7 with area residents and stakeholders so healthy living can be easier for all in Central North Carolina. Read More about “Transforming Health Together”

Active Routes to School

Active Routes to School (ARTS)

Active Routes to School is a project of the NC Safe Routes to School Program and a partnership between the NC Department of Transportation and the NC Department of Public Health. The goal of Active Routes to School is to increase the number of students safely walking and biking to school.

Here are some reasons to give walking or biking to school a try:

  • It’s Fun! – Walking and bicycling is a fun, easy way to get physical and be independent
  • Healthier Habits – Walking and bicycling, especially to school, is a great to start your day off right and can instill lifelong healthy habits
  • Find out more at our ARTS page

For more information on Active Routes to School please contact Nicole Westley at 919-989-5200 or

Target Areas

Healthy Eating / Active Living

Healthy Eating

Only 1 in 5 North Carolinians eats the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables…

Active Living

Active Living

Active living is a choice to incorporate physical activity into your daily routine.

Tobacco-Free Living

Tobacco Free Living

In 2006, secondhand smoke exposure alone led to excess medical costs of $294 million in 2009 dollars.

Preventive Care


The team behind Active Routes to School! Thanks for an awesome conference everyone! ...

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